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Likeable Business is brought to you by Likeable Local, a team of passionate, entrepreneurial individuals who have all come together for one mission: to make local businesses more likeable.

Why be Likeable?

The most important thing to a business is their customers. So why not cultivate those relationships beyond the walls of the business? In order to succeed in a social media driven world, you must be likeable! Likeable Business is a platform specifically created to help businesses achieve success on Facebook and beyond.

Targeted Facebook Advertising

Never worry about ad budgets again. To grow your business, Likeable Business equips you with a comprehensive advertising package that targets your audience where they already are.

Automated, Scheduled Content

We create and manage valuable content tailored to your businesses' preferences that engages customers, both new and old.

Customized Social Media Promotions

To drive new customers and reward loyal ones, Likeable Business runs promotions, contests, and sweepstakes on your social media channels to help your business thrive.

Exclusive Training & Education

From exclusive webinars to one-on-one training, we provide you with the necessary knowledge on how to grow your business using social media.